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Royal Descent Beauty

Natural Beauty, Gifts & More!

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Natural Beauty...

Make  a healthy decision!  We carry organic and natural products for Everyone.  

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We're more than just natural!  Royal Descent Beauty carries an amazing collection of jewelry and gift ideas for any occassion.


& More!

Shop our ever-growing selection of products, and find something right for you!

All the products are heavy concentrated and you don’t need to use a lot of it. I love it when my money goes a long way!”
— Sandra Lasene Drummond
The Lip and face scrub cleared up my acne really well! Good job!!
— Ashley Gass

We Offer You...


Royal Descent Beauty, provides a natural alternative to your daily living.  Unlike our competitors all of our hair and body products are made from organic ingredients and hand-ground herbs, no artificial colors or fragrances.  While our gifts are made by hand and carefully cater to your essential needs.

Check in periodically to see what's new!

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Hi! My Name Is Kyra


I've been hand crafting natural products for myself and my family for over 5 years now. I went natural in 2010, but I was still using any and everything on my hair, which eventually left it extremely damaged. Part of that reason was 90% of the products claiming to be for natural hair was actually toxic.

So by the time I had my daughter I knew I wasn't trying to put anything in her hair or on her skin that I could not safely ingest (weird I know). Over time I grew obsessed with natural hair and skin care; taking milk and oatmeal baths, egg facials, mayonnaise in my hair YOU NAME IT.